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# Posté le 14/05/2015 à 12:23

Hi Dominik,

Is it possible for you to post your patch "Fret-Time Gilmour Diamonds" on Fret-time or Axechange?
Love the sound. I'm a big Gilmourfan myself. Since a couple of weeks I've got myself a Axe FX 2. And I am also a big fan of Musicmann guitars. I own a Luke III PDN a Luke II and a Luke I. There the best I even had.

Thanks in advance
# Posté le 24/12/2017 à 21:55

Hey, me too. I don't speak French, but I love your playing. I would love to see how you achieved that tone as well, so if you could email me at [email protected] I would be extremely grateful. I would consider purchasing it via paypal if you want to offer it for sale.

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